Creating Digital Experiences
for Brands.

Insight Led

Through consultation and discussions, we gain a full comprehension of our client’s needs and from that point, the delivery of first-class services begin.

We understand that no two clients’ needs are the same. Hence, we employ cutting-edge data insights to deliver top-notch professional services that are unique to our client’s needs.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We provide tailor-made solutions that translate from brand-awareness to audience-conversion.

Whether you’re starting a social media campaign, launching a product, organizing an event, kicking off a public relations campaign, designing or redesigning a website, we can help generate lasting positive impressions that will ensure your brand is always raising the bar.


Our work isn’t spontaneously done. We look for cutting-edge approaches and methods that solve problems in bespoke and unexpected ways.

Every member of our team is constantly engaged in discovering new ways to help our clients and our business grow; seeking ways to integrate the best and most promising strategies and technologies with tested digital methods and platforms.

Our Services

Digital Strategy

We offer a full range of consulting services that help our clients create strategies for their digital campaigns and identities as well as solutions that help them understand the return on their digital investments and the kind of consumer offerings they can develop based on consumers conversations in the digital space.

Digital Production and Engagement

Our digital production and engagement service help clients deploy a vast range of digital tools and technology to reach customers where they spend the most of their time- online.

Web, Search and Social

We offer our clients a full range of solutions to employ on the web, search platforms and on social media.

About us

Who We Are

RedCone Media is a full service digital
agency providing the full range of digital marketing solutions. We are a one-stop shop for your brand and business marketing needs.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s most recognized digital media and marketing agency with a reputation for creativity and strategy backed by excellence.

Our Mission

To build Africa’s growing businesses by delivering tailor-made services that cater to our client’s expectations.